MONOVARIETALS (Single variety extra virgin olive oils)

In Italy there are over 500 different types olive of which 250 are usually cultivated for olive oil production.
Each variety of olive is different and consequently every single-varietal extra virgin produced has an exclusive identity.
The intensity of the extra virgin olive oils in terms of flavours, aromatic components and the different quantity of polyphenols determine the personality of each single variety that tells a story about its territory of origin.

Extra virgin olive oil


Ogliarola olive tree variety is a large cultivar in size with many thin, long and pendulous fruit branches. On the national territory there are also ancient Ogliarola olive trees. These plants are quite resistant to cold, but very sensitive to the attack of parasites and typical diseases of the plant. The fruit is oval and when it is ripe, it takes on a glossy black colour.

Extra virgin olive oil obtained only by “Ogliarola” olives cultivated, picked and processed in Italy.
Production area:  Southern part of Italy;
Crop season: October – December;
Olive varieties: Ogliarola;
Pressing: mechanical crusher;
Extraction: by cold extraction (T<27°C).

Aspect: clear;
 yellow with golden reflections;
Aroma: intense fruity with almond notes;
Flavour: sweet with pleasant spicy sensantion;
Acidity: below  0,5% (Law limit for extra virgin olive oil 0,8%).

Use: it’s ideal drizzled over baked  fish, more aged cheeses and vegetables.

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