Each bottle of Tuscan extra virgin IGP is well recognizable by the label around the neck of the bottle with the alphanumeric code that allows you to rebuild the entire supply chain, providing maximum transparency and security.

One cannot be mistaken in finding authentic Tuscan extra virgin olive oil.



Extra virgin olive oil



Since more than 50 years the farmers of  our cooperative work with renewed passion to preserve an unique land, always devoted to the olive growing production and birthplace of one of the greatest Italians: Leonardo Da Vinci.

The unrepeatable combination of different characteristics such as climate, olive varieties, tradition, experience, production techniques are determining for the quality and the flavour of the extra virgin olive oil produced on the Montalbano hills. This extra virgin olive oil is the true expression of this land.

Extra virgin olive oil obtained by olives cultivated, picked and processed in Tuscany in the Protected Geographical Indication area of MONTALBANO. Packed in Vinci (Florence).

Production area: Tuscany, Protected Geographical Indication area of  MONTALBANO; 
Coltivation techniques: by Integrated Farming, which is an agricoltural practice aiming to develop enviromental care and food safety reducing agrochemicals;
Crop season: October – December;
Olive varieties: essentially Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino, Pendolino, Rossellino and Piangente according to TUSCAN PGI FROM MONTALBANO production specification;
Pressing: mechanical crusher, in the cooperative oil mills located in Vinci (Florence) and Lamporecchio (Pistoia);
Extraction: by cold extraction (T<27°C).

Aspect: clear;
Colour: light green with golden notes;
Aroma: intense fruity reminding artichokes, almonds, other ripe fruits and green grass;
Flavour: intense fruity with pleasant bitter and spicy sensation;
Acidity: below  0,5% (TUSCAN PGI FROM MONTALBANO production specification limit 0,5%);

Use: it’s ideal for all types of cooking. However, it best expresses its distinct organoleptic qualities when used raw on traditional Tuscan recipes as vegetables and legume soups, salads, roasted meat and on the classic Tuscan “bruschetta”.

“Terre Nostre” ergonomic UVAG glass bottle:

250ml, 500ml, 750ml